Hourglass Tatz

Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio


Established January, 2018. In addition to running the Hourglass Tatz website, I design and distribute ads and strategic marketing content (digital and print). In 2015 I began learning how to tattoo and open/manage tattoo shops in my free time, so I also like being at the shop to consult one-on-one with clients, create their artwork, and make photo-realistic stencils using Photoshop, a Wacom Cintiq, and EPSON Eco-Tank printer. I also prep clients for their tattoos by applying final stencils to the skin. 

For the Hourglass Tatz apprentice program, I researched and wrote a comprehensive, 2,000-hour, industry-standard certification curriculum. I also work with students to coordinate their learning paths, handle finances, and offer guidance. 

In addition to a tattoo pathogen safety certificate, I have completed OSHA General Industry Training in industrial hygiene and the "Friends & Family CPR" hands-on training course at Virtua Health. 

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